As you know, the site, recently, has experienced some issues with the ability of users uploading music. This has been in the process of being diagnosed and a solution being found and put into place.

The process has been made more difficult, due to some aspects of the underlying software being found to be causing issues. I am currently working to get these issues corrected and the site back up and running again. This process has been taking longer than I had hoped, due to unexpected issues and uncooperative developers (in some cases). I will continue working on it, getting things back in order and operational. It may be that the underlying music subsystem has to be modified/changed. Time will tell.

Stick with us and please be patient.


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  1. Hi Rich,
    Wondering where the site is at now (8/Feb/2021). I’ve been trying to look at/listen to songs and a few other bits and pieces over the last week or so, but keep getting error messages. Is it me or the site?

    • Things are getting figured out. One item of note recently, it seems that uploads are not the problem, rather the public playback of music is. Music seems to be playing back fine from beneath the artist “My Profile” area, while offering the fatal error when trying to playback on the public side of the site. More info as it becomes available.

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