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When posting any music, on any site, it is important that your fans know the song title, your artist information and, if possible, the genre of the song itself.  One cannot rely on the site to be able to reliably get this information from the information submitted when you upload the song.  It is very important that you, the artist, take the time to properly complete the ID3 information for your music, prior to submitting the song(s) to the site.

In the past, I have strove to ensure that, as much as one can, the ID3 tags of music submitted to IMS is correct.  However, there have always been a number of corrections and modifications required to prepare songs for proper playback and download, ensuring the title, artist and genre information is correct.  Please take the time to complete your music’ ID3 tags completely and correctly.


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  1. In a broader sense protecting your music with appropriate leaders just makes sense. The online freeper community has been pirated in the past. The victims of these thefts eventually have to provide a legal response to get relief.
    I have come to the conclusion that building safeguards into production is the best defense against unwanted appropriation. Play or write stuff that only you can play… makes things cleaner. Stay away from genre based tunage. Criminals will not care about your rights or your complaints.


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