I was born into a family where several relatives are classically trained. I was not. I’ve sure as hell enjoyed the ride so far.

I was involved in several bands in my 20s, primarily as a writer and engineer of sorts (with some drums and some guitar – tho never really good at the latter, or to a bit, either). The true garage band experience I guess you would say.

It wasn’t until 2006 when I dusted off my synthesizer again after years of neglect and decided to try out Garageband for the first time, that I finally decided to start writing again. Here, now, I’m older and more in love with creating music now than ever before. I’ve been lucky to meet some great people over the years who are also gifted musicians, and who have taught me a lot; inspiring me to move forward, and try new things with my music. And I’ve learned enough to keep a healthy build of platforms/live collection.

I love the process, collaborations, and posting new music. I hope you enjoy my work.

All hail icompositions.com. May You Rest in Peace.

Thank you for listening!

check out the vids

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