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      You’ve got things looking good around here friends!

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      Hola Walter!

      It IS isn’t?? I know all of us are pretty dog gone proud…and Rich has done amazing work in such a short time.

      Hope you’ll be around to see the community grow 🙂


      Ruby 🙂

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      Thanks Walt. We’re getting there. It’s been a lot of work but there is a good group of people here putting in a lot of hard work making it happen.

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      I am so glad you found some help! I’ve got a lot going on myself. I will chime in and spread the word here and there.

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      Not quite ready to open to the public yet.
      Got a couple of gotchas that we are working to solve.
      We’ll be there very soon!

      Thanks again, Walt.

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      Thank you, Walter, for sponsoring IMS. We appreciate you!!!

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      Ah, tweren’t nothin’!

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      The paint is dry, the carpet looks good. The view is terrific. Thank you Rich for providing a first class site for indie tune makers. Best of luck! If you did all this work for love of the Muse that is fab, I pray you become wealthy and famous behind this effort… Few people have the moxie to do what have done here bravo!

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        Thank you for the support daugrin! It’s all done for love of the music. Fame and fortune is not a consideration. I just hope that the site can be a place where musicians can be comfortable calling home. Or, at least, one of their homes.

Viewing 7 reply threads
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