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      Hello folks, just a short note to check all are OK.

      The world is a very different place than it was just a few weeks ago.

      We’re not quite in lockdown here yet but I only go out to get food or just to simply walk. I avoid others as much as I can and keep my communication to telephone, WhatsApp and emails these days. In theory I should be doing lots of music but I can’t settle to it at the moment.

      Strange times we’re living in.

      Stay safe folks.



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      Thank you, Dick.

      You are quite accurate to say that the world is a very different place.
      I, like you, have curtailed my normal routine, to only getting out for essentials and, maybe, a little walking. My contact with others has been limited too, but those I have come into a safe, distanced contact with have been extremely pleasant and helpful. That is a welcomed difference in itself.

      There is a lot of stress and worry of late, which I am sure most others are experiencing too. I hope that everyone is staying safe and if I can be of help to any, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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      Thanks Rich. Much appreciated.

      We are not alone.

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      Are you guys really unsafe? Perhaps you are threatened by a respiratory infection? Or watch too much TV?
      Having been online since the beginning, my experience indicates that it is us who have changed as both individuals and as members of groups, time it would seem remains a constant. There are now fewer of us online basically because it more reasonable to market ones music than give it away, we are more insular, and the bar is higher than ever. The free online music experience is nearly eclipsed.

      As far as the new respiratory infection, which is the unspoken threat here, please allow that there are people who believe otherwise than the official narrative. Alternatives to the public narrative usually start with questions or suggestions like “follow the money”. Dissenting voices suggest you are not safe, you have never been safe, and you are never going to be safer than you are right now, or were in the past. Feeding the safety meme and/or virtue signaling this threat will not make anyone safer.


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      I don’t agree Daug.

      I have friends who are doctors and say this is not like anything they have personally seen before. Hospitals across Europe are struggling to deal with the the number seriously ill. There is no recognised treatment as yet even though there are claims of cures.

      Italian hospitals have had to take the decision to restrict the use of ventilators to under-60s.

      Predicted outcomes are worse than “normal” flu and it’s significantly more contagious.

      When even your president stops saying it’s a democrat hoax then that says this is way more serious.

      Countries don’t shut down lightly.

      I’m taking it seriously.

      Stay safe.

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      Hi Dick,
      yes these are strange times..
      Here in the Netherlands we’ve been in voluntary lockdown for two weeks now. The death toll is still rising here. And it’s getting close, the father of a colleague of my wife died and I know of some people who have fallen ill.
      I spend my days recording and grinding and polishing minerals. We can’t come together with the boys to play music, but we found a way to collaborate through the internet.
      The worst is yet to come and I hope we’ll come out Ok on the other end of this dark tunnel..
      Stay safe my friends!

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      Hey Dickie, there is no peer reviewed evidence that a mask, cloth or surgical garb, prevents this infection. I repeat no real evidence for mask wear on the planet. The mandate for the mask is social. Ask yourself why my friend.
      Give an injection of normal saline to all earthlings. 99.something% of people will survive this infection with a useless saline vaccine. The people that do die, in our experiment, will be those over 65 years of age and have pre-existing conditions, like heart disease, obesity and cancer. Covid kills these at risk folks, like the flu also does. Again, that is a less than one percent mortality rate with a normal saline injection. People are being herded. Ask why, follow the money.


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      Hey, James, don’t you think there’s a chance, however slight, that you could be wrong about something, say, once in your life? I’m 71 and I wear a mask. What you adjudge best for yourself is your prerogative. Leave the rest of us in peace. DO Not follow me.

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      More Covid fact? The virus is small. So small no commercially available mask, gaiter or cloth will prevent it from passing through. But because we live in the mass delusion prove it to yourself. Mask up and sit in your vehicle in front of the local fresh bakery. The wonderful odors of sticky buns and fresh bread will soon enter your nose. If your mask won’t stop the local bakers delight, it follows the virus, which is much smaller, and hitches rides on larger particles will not be stopped.
      Ask why the mask mandates. Or don’t. But please take my suggestions to heart.
      Would the government lie to you? During the Obama admin it became legal for the government to give the Murican people propaganda instead of the truth. It’s legal to lie when politically expedient. But research for yourself. Or not. It’s your life. By the way at least I have a medical certification and 15 years experience in the intensive care setting, but what’s the worth, you got TV.


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