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      Started a challenge for tunes of only sixty seconds duration. The original idea developed due to fatigue with on-line plastic Hate. Folks who don’t hate spinach or sprouts, or even that trendy Japanese beer, these peeps despise fellow human beings who disagree with how the main stream media describes reality, and what reality might otherwise be. Horror!
      Anyway, 60 seconds is the limit. Make your point and get onto something else lol. The idea, is to create a complete musical idea, describe the mass consciousness in action, this, imho is the issue of our times, to accomplish the challenge will tightly focus your attention on an issue. Horror!
      One might write about that developmentally challenged 17 year old climate change cheerleader mommy and daddy, and a live-in leftist handler, have groomed to be the unassailable spokes babe for global national socialist reorganization… Or the Orange Man Bad meme, or the “not a smidgen of corruption” meme, three suggestions there, get after it! Contrary to the minders official edicts laughter is good medicine… Maybe We will get a pro talking points “sixty seconds”- one never knows… community first!
      We will never have a community until We make one! Your turn.


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      I took up the challenge and posted something two weeks ago, but it obviously didn’t garner any attention. I thought it was a good artistic idea and I’m a little surprised at the lack of response (to the challenge, not to my specific post). Maybe everybody in lockdown is too busy trying to keep up with their social media feeds to give sixty seconds to the music?

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      This is a good idea. I also did one a couple of weeks ago. I liked Warren’s – I might even do another myself.

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      I never participate in these things. Just don’t have the time really… But I have enjoyed the submissions that have been posted so far. My only beef is they’re all MUCH TOO SHORT! Ha ha…

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      The time limit is the key to the thing. Making something that is a complete idea that runs near sixty seconds is tough.
      You should try one. It will only take a minute of your time, right?


Viewing 4 reply threads
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