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      I chose three loops to make the background to a song. They are related. Because I can’t read music and play only kazoo and tambourine, I can not fathom a way to join these three seamlessly. I tried putting an echo on the first loop in each set of two but, that’s a “no go”. I know you guys can do this. I know I can’t. Help?

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      send me the stems 🙂

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      Create a separate track for each one and overlap as necessary. You can also slowly raise and lower the volume- one fades out while the other fades up kind of thing. It’ll be fun.

      PS, I am only cute to those that I matter too….

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      Okeedokes, cutie pie. One guy wanted me to send stems. I’ve no idea what stems are. I have to get over my fear of tackling the GB on this newer mac. Love to you and yours. Thank you. I’ll try that.

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