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      I noticed that Macjams.net is in operation. I’m not sure who is running it, and noticed a lot of old familiar names there. It is always good that another site that caters to Independent Musicians is available. I suggest, if you haven’t, check it out.



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      I’m signed up at both places _ Indie and MacJams. This will be a new experience for me – trying to participate at two venues instead of concentrating on one. I limited myself to one because I believe in the premise that if you expect others to comment on your music then you must comment on theirs. For me, trying to give meaningful feedback generally takes multiple listenings to a song and that has been why I tried not to spread my time over multiple platforms. Hopefully, two is not too many : )

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      I had issues getting on there as the virus checking software from my provider said it was unsafe. I reported it to be safe and it seems I can get there now. Like Warren I struggle to keep on top of one site’s postings but who knows…

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      Here’s the skinny my friend.

      The current Macjam namesake is run by a bitter leftist. During Bush/Obama, in the MJs forums, this fool parroted the talking points. The guy is not a musician. He is vacant. A troll.

      Previously this individual, often represented by a cat jpeg, developed an alternative Macjams. His first attempt to replace MJ operated for months in competition to the original site. The guy brazenly appeared in the forums at MJ hawking his PC replacement for the original site.

      He invited the socially threatened or offended original MJers to relocated to this new safe space. He was successful in moving many haters to his alternative. This first alternative MJ didn’t last. Fast forward about seven years, and once the original MacJams failed, this fellow traveller dusted off his software development skills and he booted up a fresh take on the MJ name. The classic MJ hateful crew have a place to hug on-line again. He should receive an award.


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      Interesting information that I had no idea regarding.

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      I was a member of the the original macjams .com for about 1o years. It was a great place but Simon and Miguel who were running it seemed to lose interest. There were serveral offers to take ove the site and run it by members but Simon would apologise and say he’s going to get back into running it…and then nothing happened. new members were waiting for ages before being allowed to submit songs which would have helped keep it going but it just started dropping off a bit…and then one day it all just disappeared. The new one I guess is someone trying to carry on the spirit of the old macjams which is similar to whats happening here in that people can upload songs and find a supportive community to comment and share

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      I appreciate everyone’s input and thoughts on this subject.
      It is my hope that we don’t, here, go way of the DoDo, but, rather, can offer a home to those artist among us who might not, yet, have found one.

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      Hi all,

      I, Mark, am the author and runner of MacJams.net. Daug glad to see you have your usual strong opinions. You are welcome to them but I am welcome to defend myself as well:

      First I did everything I could to help MacJams.com. I wrote and donated for free the Macjams iPhone player. Miguel made me sign away my first born almost with lawyer ease. I received zero support from them.

      I offered numerous times to help out with the site as I saw Simon was busy. It fell on deaf ears. Near the end we had people signing up and waiting 6-9 months for their first post to be approved.

      I am a developer by trade now for 45+ years. I wrote an initial site called MacJammers.net. I wrote it for one specific reason and that was for us all to have a place should MacJams.com die which was imminent. This was the first time I found that members of MacJams.com held very strong opinions. I invited EVERYONE contrary to what Daug says. However there were a number of people that emailed me directly saying they would never join. Thats their choice.

      I let MacJammers die because I became very busy and there was zero activity there.

      Like it always does life changes, the Pandemic made me realize how much I missed doing music. I went back to MacJams to find it gone. I found a few people on facebook and one asked me to put MacJammers back up. I first refused but later decided what the heck. The benefit of doing it myself is that I can add in the features I thought MacJams.com should have.

      MacJams.net is written and maintained because it is a challenge to write and do well. It is still very rough around the edges and will receive some love soon for new styling and to offer a few more features. I didn’t know if anyone would join or participate but I figured a few might.

      It was not written to invite only my close friends to. It was not written to compete with other sites. I honestly didn’t know where everyone had gone. I wanted a place to try and revive what I loved about MacJams.com. But as I mentioned I wanted a few things different. I’m building in a few features that I thought MacJams.com failed on.

      Daug, you are right, I am not a musician. I can play the guitar, not well but somewhat smooth. I can read music, albeit slowly, I was a keyboardist and guitarist for several bands coming out of high school and in early college. I was and will be never a real musician. But I love music and with the DAWs we have now days even a hacker like myself can make some reasonable sounds.

      As far as me being a vacant, ya… I’m feeling a little vacant these days. I’m 63 but feeling more like 83. But I’m trying to keep my senses about me in this crazy world. A troll, well I am big, I’m 6’1″ and weight 265. I wish it was all muscle like a troll but I’ve gotten soft. I don’t hound or hassle anyone so I’m certainly not that kind of troll. When I was younger I had some opinions and I may have spoke of them but a lot of that fire has left.

      As far as competing with MacJams, I think I covered that. I had a lot of inside info, working with Simon and Miguel, or rather, not working very well with them on their interest level at keeping MacJams.com alive. Simon numerous times called it a social experiment. I knew it would fail sooner or later. Perhaps I put MacJammers.net up a bit too early and it appeared to compete. That was probably a mistake but I felt that MacJams would die any day at the time. It ended up lasting quite a few more years to my surprise. But Simon and Miguel did exactly what I expected they would do. It simply went dark. There were no notifications, no forum post, nothing and like I feared everyone I’d gotten to know was now not findable, at least easily.

      I want no awards. I would like the people that use the new site to help me with it. It costs money to keep a site going. But I’m not even asking on the pages for donations. I had hoped people would volunteer but I think that is another mistake on my part. People don’t volunteer such things. No matter. As I first stated, I like developing things. Yes Daug, I’m not a musician, I even tell people I’m a hacker. I hack away at things with all the talent I can muster.

      As far as a bitter leftist… I’m just not sure where you got that idea. Like all people I have my own political views. I may have participated in a few discussions on the forums at the old MacJams which may have led you to believe I was a “bitter leftist”, but I feel I’m pretty center line in my beliefs. But I will come right out here and say this:

      On MacJams.net all are welcome. There really is just one rule:

      Don’t attack other members over anything on the site. Don’t demean others on the site. The site will not allow racially, politically, or religious motivated attacks on other members, their media posts, or forum posts.

      If you have issues with another member, you are to take it offline and I even suggest a phone call. It works wonders.

      Lastly, I’m not here to steal members from Indie Music Space. I’m here only because a friend let me know of this post where I’m called a bitter leftist. I’m here to defend myself a little against these remarks.

      It’s been a while since I visited IMS. I’m sorry Rich, I think in my busy term I forgot about this place. You’ve done a nice job with it.

      Daug, here is my email: mrhws7m@gmail.com. Feel free to send me an email, I’ll give you my phone number and we can chat some day if you are interested. You are most welcome to your opinions about me. I won’t try to change them but I’ve love to understand how you arrived at them.

      I liked much of what you used to post on the old MJ. I always tried to practice giving positive comments and critiques. I was taught that if I didn’t have something good to say, don’t say anything at all.

      Good to see all of you are alive and kicking

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      Hello Mark,
      Welcome and be welcome. Thank you for the compliments and comments. I hope that we can all get along on this site and your site.

      We agree with you rules on MacJams.net and similarly would like to believe that members here and there and mature, and wise, enough to agree with it too and take it to heart.

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      Hi Rich,

      Thanks and agree…

      One thing I didn’t mention but I should and it is on the site at MacJams.net:

      I selected that domain name for two reasons:

      1) Primarily to attract old MacJams.com people that might search for MacJams
      2) It was available!

      I state on MacJams.net that I have no intention of trying to replace MacJams.com. That was a magical place and it is sad that it died. MacJams.net will be different and as the owner I will build it to the suggestions of the people that it and my own desires!


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      I agree with Daugrin about one thing: Mark should receive a medal.

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      Welcome to Indie Music Space Mark. Let’s get to it… My opinion of your behavior and more the content of your character is based on some twenty years of observation in the public forum of MJ. Let’s review, you Sir never played a gig, you can’t sing, can’t play, can’t produce, and can’t write music. This gives you possible insight only into the social aspects of music. This undeniably is because you Sir have no have relationship with the Muse. None. She does not know you.
      You report above, having responded here. because of remarks I made to your character Sir. I stand by those remarks. My direct observations fueled those remarks. If you don’t agree with my assessment, and you would like to report here why you are incorrectly labeled a bitter leftist please be forth coming.
      Enjoy your medal. You deserve it…


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      Let’s not drag ourselves below the levels of civility in these forum, otherwise they will be closed.
      Enough said.

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      Very sad to see the olive branch thus spurned. A real shame. Oh Daug I respect your talents and appreciate the generosity with which you comment and help, but….really?!

      Mark, I think MacJams.net is great and really like the new look.

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      I’ve closed this forum topic, as it looks to be getting a little out of hand.
      I don’t like doing that, but sometimes I’m offered little choice.


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