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      I noticed that Macjams.net is in operation. I’m not sure who is running it, and noticed a lot of old familiar names there. It is always good that another site that caters to Independent Musicians is available. I suggest, if you haven’t, check it out.



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      I’m signed up at both places _ Indie and MacJams. This will be a new experience for me – trying to participate at two venues instead of concentrating on one. I limited myself to one because I believe in the premise that if you expect others to comment on your music then you must comment on theirs. For me, trying to give meaningful feedback generally takes multiple listenings to a song and that has been why I tried not to spread my time over multiple platforms. Hopefully, two is not too many : )

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      I had issues getting on there as the virus checking software from my provider said it was unsafe. I reported it to be safe and it seems I can get there now. Like Warren I struggle to keep on top of one site’s postings but who knows…

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      Here’s the skinny my friend.

      The current Macjam namesake is run by a bitter leftist. During Bush/Obama, in the MJs forums, this fool parroted the talking points. The guy is not a musician. He is vacant. A troll.

      Previously this individual, often represented by a cat jpeg, developed an alternative Macjams. His first attempt to replace MJ operated for months in competition to the original site. The guy brazenly appeared in the forums at MJ hawking his PC replacement for the original site.

      He invited the socially threatened or offended original MJers to relocated to this new safe space. He was successful in moving many haters to his alternative. This first alternative MJ didn’t last. Fast forward about seven years, and once the original MacJams failed, this fellow traveller dusted off his software development skills and he booted up a fresh take on the MJ name. The classic MJ hateful crew have a place to hug on-line again. He should receive an award.


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      Interesting information that I had no idea regarding.

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      I was a member of the the original macjams .com for about 1o years. It was a great place but Simon and Miguel who were running it seemed to lose interest. There were serveral offers to take ove the site and run it by members but Simon would apologise and say he’s going to get back into running it…and then nothing happened. new members were waiting for ages before being allowed to submit songs which would have helped keep it going but it just started dropping off a bit…and then one day it all just disappeared. The new one I guess is someone trying to carry on the spirit of the old macjams which is similar to whats happening here in that people can upload songs and find a supportive community to comment and share

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      I appreciate everyone’s input and thoughts on this subject.
      It is my hope that we don’t, here, go way of the DoDo, but, rather, can offer a home to those artist among us who might not, yet, have found one.

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