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      The idea of this venue growing into something has been on my mind.
      I wonder, do you gals and guys not understand that community is all that we
      have to loose?

      No one here, or anywhere, is going to break out online. Big Music is never going to let that happen, ever! Billi E, her of the ragging anti-style, the supposed Indie break out girlie, is an industry plant folks, a fraud. She is an insider.

      Money invested in any posting service is not going to earn a profit for you, unless your Todd, Todd’s mom will buy many of his down loads so his feelings will not be hurt… gotta love Todd’s mom. If you play out folks will not support downloads, it is not happening, artist sell CDs at the venue, like David Crosby does.

      The self professed greatest asshole of his generation, Croz is on twitter everyday complaining he makes nothing on his online music. He’s made 5 records in four years or something like that, and lost money. How is your business going to thrive where The Croz fails? I am here to tell you, your not.

      So, you might as well share some of that music yer making. So, may as well make some music for your life and share it. You may as well comment on other peeps music and join the community as a responsible adult, and grow together.

      I want to assure everyone, community is truly all we have…
      How do I know these things and you folks don’t? I have been online since it started and played in bar bands and on the buffet circuit for 30 years, I worked in the analoug studio making boutique records and commercials as well.

      I have played music all my life in front of people for money. The Dim Witness, Grand Father, Fatty, Slo Parts and Phil, the people that made the online community part of their life, showed the way, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Start sharing. Build the community of equals now, The Admin can not sustain this venue by himself. Do your part, or, loose the place, your choice.


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      I fully agree, Daug
      Community is what it’s all about
      That what made sites like Icompositions and macjams great places
      If we want this site to be more than a site like soundcloud where people upload stuff but hardly comment on other people’s music there has to be more involvement by the folks here.
      I’m glad that Rich put so much effort in this sites.
      We have to do it together.

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      I agree but it’s difficult these days to get the same level of involvement as there was at MJ. Then again, MJ was also struggling towards “the end”.

      When I joined in 2006 (I think) it wasn’t unusual to get upwards of 30 or more comments on a song. Before it died you were lucky to get into double figures!

      I guess when MJ started it was a brave new world of home recording and maybe people eventually got bored. I know a few who posted regularly but gradually dropped out for one reason or another.

      Together, yes!

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      Hear hear! This place wasn’t opening for me for a couple of days and I didn’t like the idea that IMS too had failed. I’ll do what I can to help.

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      I’m glad we haven’t failed, yet. 🙂
      We’ve been through some bumps and hurdles though.
      Hopefully, we’ll be around for a while.

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      Agree with everyone here. Times they are a changin, but the community is always there.

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      Is the music over? It may be.
      Song upload function still no working going on a couple weeks now.

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      Song upload is working again. The music is not over…

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      Now that is progress! Bravo Mr. Administrator man, we up and running once again…

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      Yes, we had some issues with the uploads and, actually, a couple of other things too. Got them worked out though.

      I ask one thing from all involved, if I could. If you notice something that doesn’t work, or would like to see something that might be of interest to all, please let me know.

      I enjoy this site, even though I do not, myself, make music anymore. I’m looking for that inspiration, which is you guys, to inspire me again. I want this place to be a location that can inspire us all. I hope you do as well.


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      As an ex Macjams and icomp alumni, I can say without fear of contradiction that this site has the best admin EVER!

      I hope we do grow into something wonderful and worthy of the time, money and effort that you put into this Rich…

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      Mike, I agree with your assessment. As to why there is not crowd? The admin is the difference. Our old friends can’t operate in this sunshine.


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      Glad things are up and running. The community quote by daug resonates with me. It’s all we have. Most of us do this for whoever the audience is. It’s like preaching to the choir but O! What a choir. Yesterday, my wife and I rode our bikes a half a mile to listen to some front porch jazz. Very nice.

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      While I appreciate the comment and compliments, I don’t believe I’m the “best admin EVER”, or even close. I leave that title to others I have immense respect for. I’m just a guy who wanted to make a simple place where we could get together and share music. There are still some overcomplicated things and some items that don’t work properly, yet. But for the most part, things are functioning.
      In the near future, I will be starting to look for others that can help support/police the site, moderators if you will. People that know the site, how it works and can help others out with questions/problems, approve new member sign-ups and all that.
      Anyone interested?

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      I’m not a techie but I learn fast and asa teacher my entire life, I think I can show the way. If you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, I’m that lump over there on the left. 🙂

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      This is the end then… The last bastion of internet free, site crippled and stagnated.
      Nothing to censor here folks… smile. WE survived a little over twenty years. Look at
      all the fun we had, nice little dog parks, all gone, uhm, plant a tree!


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      It appears that uploading music to the site is not a problem. However general “Public playback” is.
      After one uploads a song to the site, the song will playback fine from under the “Your Profile” area, but not from the general public area.
      We are working to figure out what is going on with that, now that I’m back in the saddle again.
      Sorry about the delays and hopefully I will continue to be able to work on things again.


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      Completed some urgent updates to the site.
      It appears that everything is BACK UP and RUNNING again!.

      Apologies for this taking so long. I appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding!
      Thank you.


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