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      Please upload a maximum of 2 songs in a 24 hour period. Uploading more may result in a 24 hour time out.
      Flooding multiple songs may result in a 24 hour ‘time out’.

        We’re instigating this rule because the recent upload list is so short that other members songs will fall off the list before others can ‘find’ them.

        We’re working on a solution. In the meantime, please honor the no more than 2 songs in 24 hour rule.

        **Note: We’ve noticed that special characters such as apostrophes, commas, question marks, slashes, hashtags, etc. causes a play failure**

      apostrophes = ,
      question mark = ?
      slashes = \ /
      hashtags = #
      And the usual @ # $ % ^ & ( ) + { } > <

      We need your cooperation in this to ensure that we aren’t taken from working on improving the site to continuously correct user error.


      Mp3 File format only. Other formats will, likely not work.

      1. Choose MUSIC in the top menu bar.

      2. Choose Upload A Song.

      3. Browse to your mp3.

      4. After song loads, you’ll be given the option to upload an image, choose a genre, etc. and Enter your song description.
      For more info on song description requirements, see FAQ What Info Should I Enter for a Song Description.
      Special characters may be used in the song description.

      5. Only mp3’s are playable. Uploading any other type of file will result in a failure.

      6. Enter your lyrics in the first comment field.

      7. Maximum file size is 15. More than 15 will result in failure.

      **Note: You may not upload someone else’s copyright material without their explicit permission. This means that covers and samples need to have permission from the rights owner(s) before you can post them here. If you have permission, please state the License number in your song description.

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      is there a maximum time or maximum file size fo rthe mp3?

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        At this moment, the audio file size limit will be set at 15Mb.

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