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More Covid fact? The virus is small. So small no commercially available mask, gaiter or cloth will prevent it from passing through. But because we live in the mass delusion prove it to yourself. Mask up and sit in your vehicle in front of the local fresh bakery. The wonderful odors of sticky buns and fresh bread will soon enter your nose. If your mask won’t stop the local bakers delight, it follows the virus, which is much smaller, and hitches rides on larger particles will not be stopped.
Ask why the mask mandates. Or don’t. But please take my suggestions to heart.
Would the government lie to you? During the Obama admin it became legal for the government to give the Murican people propaganda instead of the truth. It’s legal to lie when politically expedient. But research for yourself. Or not. It’s your life. By the way at least I have a medical certification and 15 years experience in the intensive care setting, but what’s the worth, you got TV.


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