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Here’s the skinny my friend.

The current Macjam namesake is run by a bitter leftist. During Bush/Obama, in the MJs forums, this fool parroted the talking points. The guy is not a musician. He is vacant. A troll.

Previously this individual, often represented by a cat jpeg, developed an alternative Macjams. His first attempt to replace MJ operated for months in competition to the original site. The guy brazenly appeared in the forums at MJ hawking his PC replacement for the original site.

He invited the socially threatened or offended original MJers to relocated to this new safe space. He was successful in moving many haters to his alternative. This first alternative MJ didn’t last. Fast forward about seven years, and once the original MacJams failed, this fellow traveller dusted off his software development skills and he booted up a fresh take on the MJ name. The classic MJ hateful crew have a place to hug on-line again. He should receive an award.


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