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Are you guys really unsafe? Perhaps you are threatened by a respiratory infection? Or watch too much TV?
Having been online since the beginning, my experience indicates that it is us who have changed as both individuals and as members of groups, time it would seem remains a constant. There are now fewer of us online basically because it more reasonable to market ones music than give it away, we are more insular, and the bar is higher than ever. The free online music experience is nearly eclipsed.

As far as the new respiratory infection, which is the unspoken threat here, please allow that there are people who believe otherwise than the official narrative. Alternatives to the public narrative usually start with questions or suggestions like “follow the money”. Dissenting voices suggest you are not safe, you have never been safe, and you are never going to be safer than you are right now, or were in the past. Feeding the safety meme and/or virtue signaling this threat will not make anyone safer.


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