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Hey Rich. I dont want to annoy anyone, but it would be nice to know if some of the issues mentioned above are on the way to be fixed or not “fixable” at all. Some of them are rather important, just to follow other artists posts (and on a personal level, the “no cover” rule will prevent me to upload 99.9% of my work on this site…)
So, are some of those on the mend or dead in the water ?

• Follow artists and get a notification (and also, a list of my “followed musicians” uploads on the homepage) when they post new tracks ? I saw the function appear in the last few days, tried to use it, then it disappeared…
• When you enter through the Music menu, you get only the song titles, not the name (or, better, link to) of the artist
• When you are on any song page, no link to the author, and no mention of the genre (rock, indie…)
• On the newest song area of the home page, genre is not visible too.
• When i type a comment on someone’s song, the song “play” function gets hacked and jumpy. I know : i can wait until the end of this song and comment after. But when inspiration chimes…

Thank you. I understand not all requests can be fixed, i just want to know if some of them will be…

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