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On behalf of Badstone music.

Thanks for letting me know

thats awesome

Im a little bummed that when they go to my page they cannot see all the songs – if you are a featured artist – shouldnt they be able to see all your work – Primm Nevada 1990 deserves plays but no one can see it while Im featured

RubyDubidoux Sent 7 minutes agoStar Message
I KNOWWWWW it! I’m really hoping that Rich can fix that… we need a continuous list of songs….But I can plug your songs in chat…that will help!

And I’m hoping if people go to your profile, they’ll see all your songs… 🙂 BUT I see that Primm Nevada isn’t showing up in your song list on your profile.
Presently, Rich is investigating why artist names aren’t showing up on some of the genre’s. I’m pretty sure this is what’s causing this song to not appear in your profile, as it’s not attached to your name.

I found it by searching for the title.

In any case, I plugged it on the FB group page. It’s a great song!


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