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All suggestions above are good and useful ones…
No rush about these :
• When a comment is made on a song, is it possible that the email sent is not mentioning the direct email address and the IP of the author of the comment ? It seems a little too much info (the idea is not to reply directly to the commenter, but to use this website). A simple link to the song (or forum) page, in this email, is enough, maybe. Or have the possibility to allow (or not) this info in the email notifications ?
• Maybe im wrong but i cant find the “music genre” on the song page ?
• More music genres would be cool : Indie / Pop / Singer-songwriter …
• The number of latest uploads could be longer…
• It seems that when we click on someones name, links are broken (https://indiemusic.space/author/someonesname/ are not existing)

Anyway, it’s a really cool start. Thanks again for it !

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