A great song I´ve made with Donna. Shés a wonderful singer. And lyricist. All the words and malody in here are hers. I´ve just played the instruments. Have fun!



Your voice…

stirs haunting images of deja-vu

With just one word I'm crawling in to the hell of you

not so long ago I knew the meaning of regret

But now I`m trapped in this place where darkest, darkest secrets are kept


Damn You, damn me, once again I'll go willingly

Damn you, damn me. Oh, Damn this is power that you have over me

Into the arms of insanity. once again, once again… I go willingly.


(Vas a tenerlo que soñé, come on baby you make me feel

that way, esa manera, sea cosa tan rastrera...

Voy a gozar lo que esperé, vas a ser vos, vas a ser dos

Somos Dios, somas dos, come on baby… amor.


How did I become nothing but your shameless whore?

Your junkie for abuse that keeps screaming out for more

I`m so addicted to the endless blurring of lies and truth

this crazy twisted cycle always brings me right back to you


Damn You

Damn Me

Oh, Once again I'll go willingly

Damn you

Damn me

Oh, damn this power

That you have over me

Into the arms of insanity

Once again, once again

I go willingly.


(Oh, there`s no protection

No last minute salvation

Into the fires of hell)


I'll go willingly

I'll go willingly

Damn Me

Oh, damn Me

I'll go willingly. 


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