GrathyWhite King

Age discrimination is real in the workplace....A collab with my dear pal, Patrick Poulou (Lafayette) who passed away yesterday from pancreatic cancer. RIP dear one...


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4 Responses to “White King”

  1. I’m an old man Mary …but I’ve not worked “properly” in an office environment for a long time … mainly I saunter in and out of boardrooms. Hmmm I should be more aware in the future.

    Miss Lafayette…

    This is a very appropriate song…Patrick has left us his music…a huge treasure!


  2. I’m guilty of age discrimination. I have to learn to be more considerate of the younger generation. They can’t do anything about their lack of experience.

    Yes, this tune is a fine demonstration of Patrick’s talent. He’ll be missed. Thanks Mary for your great contributions, as well. You both made a great team. I hope you keep posting your collaborations.

  3. This has a bass line that drives the production. Chantuce does a safe reading, she has an emotional distance or reserve, if you will, more Bonny Bramlet inspired technique might have been called for… There is some fine guitar playing on this recording, the chorus works with some Allman inspired textures, really a warm and interesting listening experience at that point… Bravo!


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