Where Did She Go
FreeEarCandyWhere Did She Go

This is from the 2016 FreeEarCandy collection. This is a nice track to put a bunch of old pictures of your hometown together in a video.


<iframe src="https://indiemusic.space/wp-content/plugins/dzs-zoomsounds/bridge.php?action=view&type=player&dzsvideo=2218&margs=eyJzb3VyY2UiOiJodHRwczpcL1wvaW5kaWVtdXNpYy5zcGFjZVwvd3AtY29udGVudFwvdXBsb2Fkc1wvMjAxOVwvMTFcL1doZXJlX0RpZF9TaGVfR29fMjAxOS5tcDMiLCJsaW5rdG9tZWRpYWZpbGUiOjIyMTgsInBsYXllcmlkIjoyMjE4LCJjb25maWciOiJzaW5nbGUtcGxheWVyLXBhZ2UiLCJ0aHVtYiI6Imh0dHBzOlwvXC9pbmRpZW11c2ljLnNwYWNlXC93cC1jb250ZW50XC91cGxvYWRzXC8yMDE5XC8xMVwvV2hlcmVfRGlkX1NoZV9Hby5wbmciLCJpZCI6Im1haW52cGZyb212cDUxIiwidHlwZSI6ImF1ZGlvIn0=" style="width:100%; height:300px; overflow:hidden;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

8 Responses to “Where Did She Go”

  1. They say time changes everything. An interesting way to suggest that the good old days are now? Nostalgia is a popular topic. I dig the vocals on this track. There is a pitch challenge on the main at certain points, which I have decided I like, but that probably is my problem. The backing vocals are fine. Good playing, good singing, that is what the bottom line is here. Bravo!

  2. @charlie

    In some cases the city came to them. In other cases you are right-they went to the city. I’ve seen both. Thanks for listening and the nice review, Charlie!



    My new friend Daug. Thanks for chiming in. Good or bad, now seems to be the ultimate moment until it isn’t. Our sense of time is funny that way, which upon reflection, I seem to write a lot about time related things. And if you go really deep into the subject of time, without time there would be no verbs in our language and life would seem rather dull and difficult to complain about.

    In any “event”, I appreciate the heads up concerning the pitch challenge. A lot of vocals in this one and they are all kind of going in all directions and in different harmonies. I trust your skilled ears. If you would be so kind to let me know where it is I’d be grateful. Thanks again my friend!


    @ vicdiesel

    Glad you liked the track, and I also appreciate your reaction and thoughts about the drum. I’m using a link on the kick, triggering an effect that adds some pitch and punch. Perhaps a little less or would you suggest some other method? I am always open to suggestions that can make these tracks shine more.


  3. This is an awesome tune! Love the rhythm track. Vocals are splendid, although I agree with the other reviewers re the volume on the background vocals… Beautiful lead guitar at the end!

    Well sung. Well played.

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