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9 Responses to “WE RUN”

  1. Chantuce starts working the lyric and acting like she might catch fire but holds back… dog gone it. The backing vocals needed another boost, maybe a male voice, but the ideas were rock solid. Rhythm section is great, guitars are right… Genre ready for radio bravo!


  2. Came back for a second helping. The production on this is effort is straight commercial and I dig that… This girlie has more in the tank though, it might be more effective to draw her out a bit more on the outro, radio is ripe for girl power. I would also suggest some quirk, or hooky vocal inflection pre-chorus. She, and all ladies in commercial music, stand above the tracks and do not perform in them… I hope that helps. The A&R love quotient is driving my consideration…



    This kicks keister! Love her ballsy vocal, and the background vocals sound fine to me. (Whoa—OH… Whoa—OH…)

    Like when the synth kicks in before the blazing lead solo!


  4. Third listen on this tonight. I think this is a great track. One of the most focused and effective productions I have heard here at Indie. It is almost simple and yet so well executed musically the song, even with the nits, holds up to multiple listens.
    Please favor us with some more!


    • Haha that’s cool…Thanks Daug. I used to like to fill songs up quick. Lately…since this project… we try to build the songs so they have a trajectory. And I don’t really play lead guitar much. It’s more melodic than anything. The vocal is the focus so I attempt to arrange everything around that.

      We’re also long distance. So it’s not possible to just drop in new vocal parts if they arise. We get together for one session… usually 2 songs… or a song and fixes/additions on other tracks. But we really try to finish it all that day. So far it’s worked out good.
      Thanks for listening!


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