Daugrin2True Believer Blues

Now, I think it your turn again...


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8 Responses to “True Believer Blues”

  1. banana boat, 3 blind mice, where does it all come from? very entertaining, great playing, great everything. no idea what its about, which is fine..I think this is my favourite of all I’ve heard from you.

  2. Now, you didn’t do too bad. You missed a lot of pieces. I will help you a bit, but I won’t do your homework. The “improvers of mankind” is a reference from Neitsche. The curtain references are from the wizard of oz and the Bible. A true believer will require effort on your part. The more you listen the more it makes sense. One more hint? The computer voice references Melville’s Moby ****, she relates the current leftist ideology to the quest for the White Whale. Nuff said.


    • Dull naw! I knew what every bit of this was when I made it, but considering other folks are listening, what it means now is anyone’s guess. Enigma is not allowed in the daug house. There is too much fake **** around as it is…:)


  3. Hello KC thanks for the shout. One pass and done, had no idea what it was going to be, has lots of mistakes too, but there is first take sparkle…so there is that.


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