CharThe Sea

This mess is of my making. I should get points for trying. I liked tht drum thing-a-ma-jig. No effects. No real mastering. Just laying in tracks while hoping for the best. If I knew what I was doing, I'd be dangerous!


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7 Responses to “The Sea”

  1. Drums usually are right down the center. So too are the vocals. That sometimes presents a problem, because the drums can often crowd out the vocals. There is a work around to the problem when that happens.Its called vocal ducking. Rather than explain it to you here, which I’m sure to I won’t be able to do properly, I’ll give you a video link that can explain it better.


    The guitar seems to be panned hard to the right, which is ok, but I think you could bring a little closer to center or bring the volume up. Your voice is excellent, but it is coming across very loud and could come down a bit. Hope this helps.

  2. Yes. But I have no files. They died a miserable death with the, now defunct, first mac. I’ll have to apply what I learn to anything I try from here on. This miserable thing will be an **** baby forever. I’ve wanted to do an homage To Prince. Paula wants to sing her lyrics to something she titled Blueberry *******. Paula is a little ****, even for a chipmunk. 🙂

  3. I think this may have been on the original MacJams. Either way, nice tune, Charlene. You know it wouldn’t take much to redo it. Plenty of old chums here who would help out. Also, if you have what’s left of your old Mac, the hard drive and the music on it may be salvageable. Again, plenty of folks round these parts who could assist.

    • Hi! My son, in LA, California, has my old mac. He’s in an apartment with 6 kids. He works for Dreamworks. (Infrastructure Engineer.) I believe the broken mac is in storage, along with most of their things. Covid caught the family right after they sold their home.
      Yes, I may have posted it on Paula Munk’s page, because that’s where I put my unaffected a cappellas. No one noticed it. But, I didn’t think it was my ugliest baby. 🙂

    • Aw, Michael, Michael, Michael. I’m so moved. I just had that song in my head when I woke up from a dream, one day. I wrote down the lyrics, without any revisions. I thought the drum loop sounded like a bodran. I might’ve been inspired by my favorite movie. You know which one. If I could only make actual music (I keep saying this..) I would be dangerous. Thank you, sweetie. You are kind.

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