Daugrin2Summer of Hate

Another one minute challenge, this one just burst out and was fnished in an hour.  Very rare indeed, no keyboards survived the editing process. Your turn friend... what you got?  


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8 Responses to “Summer of Hate”

  1. The Republicans built the cities on the promise of America. The Democrats took them over debauched everyone they captured in less than a generation. Now they are burning the worthless places down because they will not be able to manage the debt.
    Grace Slick lives in an assisted living. She fancies herself an artist. Paul Kanter told me of this himself, may he RIP. She says the same stuff she’s been saying for the last fifty years.
    Glad you enjoyed this one minute challenge. All live first take and done. This genre is very seductive. Pretty soon everything sounds like a “Blonde on Blonde” and “Freak Out” mash up.
    I, speaking for me alone, will not go to a re-ed camp. They will have to **** me at the house, I am a combat vet and plan to take some of them with me. Now you can go to the camp if ya want. The idea of starving while being worked to death does not appeal to me in the least. My generation will happily die like John Wayne taught us so long ago… Don’t even have to be a fair fight really…lol.


  2. Who is discontented? You got a mouse in yer pocket? I am frustrated the mass of people are so ******. Wayne died like he lived, as did Bogart, but it’s what they demonstrated as proper behavior there Charlie. Everyone dies. Just a matter of how and when. We choose that part. I smoke Luckys, or Reds, not gonna be in an assisted living unit on the bay complaining how the good old days were better than…carry on.


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