midimacmanStrange Evening

Synths, ambient......what isn't though?


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6 Responses to “Strange Evening”

  1. Ah, now that I am retired, making me an official know-it-all, allow me to suggest yer not operating in the “ambient music” genre here. The environmental nature of the Eno approved “ambient ******” is not present. Eno is self absorbed, happily vacant… I digress.
    Ah, but, there is a persistent lopping loopy FM synth with multiple layers of caribi derived bounce… perfect for the background to housework or examining wallpaper. Interestingly though wallpaper has fallen out of favor with the majority of people. Try and find some at the local store if you doubt this undeniable truth! In this, the piece is perfectly a triumph.


    • Actually i replayed this track while hanging up wallpaper…..a very floral and almost fragrant pattern. I don’t think your giving it enough credit and surely I can move it into another genre if that suits you. What would you suggest for a new genre selection? And what would you suggest for overall improvement?

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