Trying something a bit different (for me at least). A work in progress, not crazy about lyrics or vocal or ending! As always would really appreciate feedback, I'm 100% in learning mode.


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5 Responses to “straits”

  1. Groove oriented… That in itself sets the work up to succeed.
    Feed back? The music is fine, as per usual. Got to nit the vocal and the lyric as well, but I will try to help!
    The vocal sits too far back for the talkie nature of the lyric, set yourself a goal of a vocal “event” per stanza, again the delivery is generally monotone and *****, too much nose. This, sadly, is a feature of your style and does not work.
    For example of an effective lyric, let’s pick “Hotel California”, find out how ideas are “placed into things” as opposed to being “***** ideas” in a lyric. Telling a story is important, but more important is how the story gets told… (Give a rose to a gal, the meaning is in the flower and easy to understand). Put your ideas into things.


    • Thanks Daug, really appreciate and agree with the feedback. I hate preachy, direct lyrics and am guilty of that here (laziness I’m afraid). I’ll have a go at shaking up my singing style, but I fear the truth is that I have a very narrow range and this song is just a tone too low for me.

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