AlHughsonStill Friends

Always thought it ironic that I chose to use my brian may guitar on this. funny old life


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6 Responses to “Still Friends”

  1. The chorus effect on the May rhythm kinda masks the voice. But it sounds right for the tune, the lead voice is effective and the playing is superb.

    Plenty of little percussion things going on that make the tune unique. I also like the backing vocals. Bass guitar is working which is rare. Thanks for sharing your tunes here. I have enjoyed each one and they are superior listens.

    My nit would be that the lyric is dated, the bag this tune belongs in has been full since ’74 or so, perhaps there is something new to say? I know, I am messing with a classic… and it’s from the vein and all…


  2. Thanks Daug
    I wrote this twenty years ago the irony is this was a hats off to Paul Kossoff and I should have used a lp but at the time Paul rogers was singing with May and Taylor thus the irony
    Yep its dated but so am I 🙂

  3. Awesome classic rock sound from top to bottom. Love the guitar sound and the tight harmonies on the backing vocals. My only nit, and it’s more of a personal preference, would be the addition of an outtro solo. It ends kind of abruptly to me. But I still really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

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