I had the music all set except for Jerrys lead guitar and Danny came into the studio and I told him to just sing to this track and he free styled everything while I wrote down the best lines we then arranged and rearranged so the lyrics had a story and danny did a second take and THAT is what is on this cut


<iframe src="https://indiemusic.space/wp-content/plugins/dzs-zoomsounds/bridge.php?action=view&type=player&dzsvideo=2648&margs=W10=" style="width:100%; height:300px; overflow:hidden;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

4 Responses to “Something-In-The-Air-Groove-Scoundrels”

  1. These days whenever I hear there’s something in the air .. I automatically reach for a face mask : )

    There are many various ways to write songs and this particular process has worked well to produce a dynamic extended jam in just two takes. I’d say that’s magic in the air.

    • heh when we released the song people automatically assumed it was about *** it could be but it isnt Danny was singing from his heart about a girl named Mercy and her perfume (smell is one of the best/strongest memory markers) thank you for your kind words!

  2. This is the classic in your face me vibe, lots of cliche riffage with repeating licks and pentatonics, sounds like NY in the middle seventies, the Lou Reed songbook. Needs more Iggy maybe? The Stooges are touchstones here.
    Thank you for posting. My first listen to your material and I enjoyed the work. Bravo!


  3. Cliche riffage? heh Jerry is a great lead player and he has his goto riffs which worked well on this track and his lead guitar was the last to be recorded after everything else was done. comparing us to Lou reed and Needing more Iggy man that just makes my heart swell with pride. Im friends with one of Lous Bass players and he digs our stuff as well and As Ellard would say regarding Lou “Forever Cool” thank you for your excelent words praise like this is uplifing

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