scaustritaSo Many Reasons-Brent Vocals 2.25.21 2.16am

Another country pop song I wrote back in the day with a fresh original vocal by Brent Mordue. He took the basic lyric "I love you for so many reasons, lately it's been your smile", and build new lyrics and vocals with his rich baritone voice.



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2 Responses to “So Many Reasons-Brent Vocals 2.25.21 2.16am”

  1. Now this bag is full, but it’s a breath of fresh air to get a fine piano ballad anyway. Great playing all around! What sounds like a slide guitar on here is a tease, wanted some of that on the bridge… the guitar is played with great taste.
    Great job old friend!


    • Thanks Daug I used a baby grand piano in a recreation room, but the dang thing was tuned to A442 I used pitch shifter to correct it to A440 hz. You caught that midi slide guitar, hey if you want to add a slide guitar let me know! This song has evolved over the years and is still open for additional improvements.

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