ScottG.HorwathServing Time

Original ~ Eclectic i would say . Melodic line is what i normall . . . feel free to ask how this one came about to  . . . 


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8 Responses to “Serving Time”

  1. Not something I would have expected from you Scott, but very cool anyway. The odd vox put a grin on my face. The drum and bass line is interesting, as well as the keys/synth. Nice job!

  2. First off… I gotta say I really enjoy the percussion throughout. It lays a fine foundation for this laid back tune. Interesting choice instruments and sonic textures. Very, very nice!

    Unsure about the distorted vox though… Not exactly my cup of tea… Ha ha…

    • thanks for asking – it came about – this idea – when Jenny was just Lying in bed – and maybe i was not giving her enough attention – but she passed away from complications stemming from her misdiagnosed renal cell carcinoma on may 7 – 2017 – maybe i was not giving her enough attention – but i think i was – in retrospect – it is a common thing for close survivors to those who have passed to say and think ” oh – i should have done this for them and now it is too late ” . . . the guilt thing is common . . . for those grieving – it is one of the phases and drawbacks – ot you think “i should have thanked her more for all she has done for me ” ” if i only could “- etc.

      • very sorry to hear of your loss and what you’ve been going through. I’ve re-listened and it is a very good piece. I do not hear despair, hopefully that means your time has been served as far as the guilt is concerned at least.

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