Daugrin2Resolution Cruise

Be careful the water is deep.


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16 Responses to “Resolution Cruise”

  1. very much enjoyed this, beautiful opening melody then lots of nice slick changes. lots to stimulate interest, while the listener tries to fathom what its all about!
    I won’t write a spoiler but its a good pay-off. Frank Z made a somewhat similar statement about an evil ooze if I remember correctly.

    • Hello Charlie, thank you for listening to my tunes here. I appreciate your following me. Evil ooze? Yer talking about “I am the Slime” by FZ. Well now, there is an interesting comparison… lol. FZ spent his last years addicted to CNN and a major contributor to the DNC. Funny stuff…


  2. I think it is safe to say I’ve been “Zappa”-ed, Daugrin style. All the years of hard work maintaining the illusion of freedom is now at risk of being lost.

  3. Zapped? Yea, I can’t do anything and not be compared to that guy. How proud I am… The illusion is freedom, real freedom is way too hard these days, and ya don’t get a trophy or hardly nothing clinging to principals, ya know I dig that reference. Well said!


    • Yes Sir that is the noir jazz hat being put to use for the purposes of audience amusement and education. If only there was a Bogart vst, we could do real music! Thanks for your support Z, it is gratifying when the folks with good ears opine!


  4. Daug,
    Sublime jazziness. Love the meandering melody line intro.
    Need a sax?
    At first the after-intro change surprised me (lulled into a nice mood by the intro)
    but then I thought “of course” – classic daugism –
    a curve ball to keep the listener listening!
    i.e. paying attention to the enjoyable “what’s next…” very cool song.

    • Jack you have been listening to my tunes for like 15 years… you know all the Daug tricks. If you would enjoy the work I will gladly send you this one here through a drop box. Message me here at Indie if you wanna try it out. Thank you for listening old friend…


  5. Ok, will send ya a couple settings and to make it easy, I will describe what is happening. I would love to drop the jazz guitar solo prior to the first form transition. Making those changes will test ya!


  6. Interesting changes throughout. My favorite line is “loan…school…fool…” AIN’T IT THE TRUTH!?!?!?

    Nice one Daug. Another blow to the solar plexus of the surrounding Canaanite Kulture.


    • Hello Sam, thank you for stopping by and giving a listen, you know I love that… The alto line sets up the questions I wanted to ask the listener, there are several fourth wall breaks and breaks within breaks, a voyage of discovery as per usual and consistent with current events. Andy does not appear… Hope to see you soon!


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