dadai.2Reasons To Get WearyD&S.m4a

I thought this original track was lost. Well, I came across it today on my computer. This is the only copy with both my and Craig Bakay's (aka snowdragon) vocals. Wish I still had the various tracks in order to remix it, as that is needed. But still, it's a special song that was part of several years of wonderful collabs with Craig. He was an inspiration back in the 2005-2010 period at MacJams. Craig, if you're listening, Thanks.


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6 Responses to “Reasons To Get WearyD&S.m4a”

  1. Works on a couple of levels. The story line is thin, and here that is a good thing, in this tune optimism gets a hungover and can’t explain anything. That might have been best. Thanks for posting this one.


  2. Great tune my brother.

    The mouth harp rules, the mix is clean and balanced, and your and Craig’s vocals are outstanding! (Kinda Dylan meets Cohen…)

    A top drawer effort that belongs on a Best-of-Dadai collection…


    • hey Mike,
      Thanks for the props. I wish there was a little less reverb on the track. Also, I wish I still had a good email for Craig so he could give it a listen after all these years. He wrote a good portion of the lyrics and of course chimes in with his great vocal. Happy New Year, bro…

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