DaugrinRamona's Blues

Part three of three by popular demand


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17 Responses to “Ramona’s Blues”

  1. Nice laid back. Reminds me of something I might hear in a cool night club, with a gent, wearing dark glasses, on the stand up bass.

    BTW, glad you remembered the filename situation!
    Well done!

  2. I like the changeup at 3:47 – much more my cup of java. The tightness, both playing and sound is really impressive. This is the first song in a long while that gives my little monitors a solid workout. Drums sound amazing – tight and punchy – and there’s great definition between instruments. Bass sounds superb, as do the various keys. I can learn a lot from you about subtlety regarding the use of reverb I think!
    Excellent stuff Daug.
    Cheers from Oz,

    • Hello Neil thanks for the comment. A tip for the reverb? Don’t think about specific reverb primarily, for example there is a vibrolux amp on the guitar that makes it sound huge, think about the space where the band is playing and how the players and their gear are arranged in that space. High energy gear, drums and guitar, create reflections, are those reflections on the final tracks?


  3. The first part is more interesting to my ears. The second? It does swagger, and, I understand people like loud guitar, I probably included that part as a payoff for not stopping on the first part lol. This audience here is new to me, and would hate to disappoint you guys…


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