jibesRaining in my heart

Sad love song with some hope twoards the end. Another remastered mp3 of a long lost file. I wrote this in the late 90's as an uptempo almost bluegrass sounding thing.  


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11 Responses to “Raining in my heart”

  1. I can’t go on, it is too late
    the cloudy sky, my cloudy state
    Now when I walk, I walk alone.
    The sky turned grey since she is gone
    clouds roll in their thundering and its
    Raining in my heart.

    She let me down, I’m hurting bad
    She said that she, had to be traveling
    The rain runs deep, down in my soul.
    In this old town since she has gone
    It’s black as night but life goes on and
    it’s Raining in my heart.

    Raining in my heart, rain down in me
    Rain in my soul, so bitterly
    Though its up to her, while were apart
    I’ll forgive and I’ll forget,
    but it’s raining in my heart.

    instrumental interlude

    Some day sun, will shine again
    shine down on me, I will ascend
    but as I look, up to the sky
    Clouds are low, I’m in the mist
    your not here I miss your kiss
    and it’s Raining in my heart.


  2. Dark lyrics! And so sad delivery my friend! It’s a very gold concentrates song verses and chorus too!

    Seems you wrote a song similar to this with reference to an old town!

    Am enjoying this very much!


    • Right you are Stan. It’s not a personal story or anything
      like that but I suppose it could come from the back of
      our minds, if it happened to us. Which it probably has.
      Anyone who has loved and lost that is.

      Yes, I will be adding the little old town song as I go
      along. and a few more to boot.

      Thanks for the comment!

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