Daugrin2Pumpkin Gospel

Came together reaally fast, after I got the Vincent Price part done...


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5 Responses to “Pumpkin Gospel”

  1. Hello Charlie, this tune sounds like Daug ‘cos it is Daug. To get the sound there are lots of little things to be aware of doing.
    For example, I grew up in the dead string era. This is a small arcane point, but dead strings pushed through a smallish vintage amp create a color instantly recognizable even to the casual listener. It’s not possible for normal folks to explain what the tone is, but if I put new strings on the guitar and played it through a modern digital sim the vibe would be different. Another tip? I comp like a boss. This skill is a lost art, IMHO developed exclusively on the gig…
    Hope that helps…


  2. it helps.
    “comp like a boss” is a reference I had to work out, but what I think you’re telling me “bossa” style comping, which makes sense to me and is a great tip. Dead strings I do get and is a good point. they can sound better.

    Listening to it again it hits me that here you’ve got a Lowell George vibe going. I don’t know why I didn’t pick that up earlier, cos I always loved little feat. I’ve spent half my adult life trying to come up with something like fat man in a bathtub.

  3. The phrase like a boss reflects playing music live three or four gigs a week for years. This teaches how to comp or play rhythm. Bossa is a rhythm well worth using, but don’t walk into a Chicano bar and think you can just sit in. You got to be invited. Lots of bossanova feels. Lots of shuffle feels. The idea of the lost nature is the rhythm playing is almost extinct. If you can’t play lead, you belong in the rhythm section. If the rhythm section is full of keys and synths, ya got to sit out.


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