Penny Loafer Shoes
FreeEarCandyPenny Loafer Shoes

This is a novalty/throw away piece I did back in 2014. I wrote some crazy lyrics that needed a home so I put together a crazy tune to match them. Though I never really considered myself a big Frank Zappa fan, I suppose somewhere deep down I am. I guess this falls into the catagory of blues, but in my mind it was done with humor in mind.


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12 Responses to “Penny Loafer Shoes”

  1. Not knowing whether one is a big Zappa fan or not is a serious problem, but whether this piece is an nod to Zappa or not is the question?
    The guitar playing is interesting, not out of Zappa’s bag though, the form is fun yet not Zappa like, especially in the sense that the stylistic devices FZ favored are not present. There is a novel lyric, it’s not Franks style, for example Zappa’s output is nearly always linear or story like… The production is excellent, ya got that in common, great job on the production! Perhaps you have listened to some Zappa tunes along the way and laughed… Yer safe, really, no one would seriously put the dreaded Zappa sign on ya behind this piece.


  2. Well daugrin, when I posted it at Icomp, in 2014, that is what everyone said-“It reminded them of Zappa.” Of course, as I said, I’m not really a Zappa fan, so if it is like Zappa or not, is for others to figure out.

    As far as an excellent production, its really a throw away. You are too kind. I spent a day on it, and just threw it out there for the fun of it. The guitar work is as rough as it gets for me. The bass is loopy and the drums are, well, reminiscent of the Flintstones and something “Bam Bam” would find interesting.

    • We agree, this is not a nod to Zappa. It is a blues based number with late 70s era stunt guitar. It is not a Bartok inspired piece either lol, and suggesting that it is Bartok would be silly… It is possible that a listener might suggest this is a Bartok nod though, or a Humble Pie out take… Peeps are so much fun…


  3. A throwaway tune, eh? Sounds mighty damn good to me!

    Love your guitar work in this!

    Reminds ME of a tune by the evangelical band “the 77s” called: “The Stellazine Prophecy.”

    Fun lyrics dude!

  4. Yes Daug, it is certainly not a nod to Zappa. I suppose the only reason I mentioned Zappa is because of the last reaction I got and I was anticipating the same this time. Well, what ever it is, it is. At least it doesn’t sound like P Floyd, which is what I usually get. Thanks Daug! 🙂

  5. Hello WYNSOK! I called it a throw away because I sometimes write lyrics that I simply can’t find a proper home for and they end up in a file titled “throw away”. While taking the trash out these lyrics caught my eye and here we are. From my point of view, the project was a quick salvage operation, and I was more concerned about saving the lyrics than putting together a well thought out music backdrop. Its just a simple drum and bass line with a lot of guitar insanity layered over top-a perfect marriage in the end. Glad you liked it! 🙂

  6. Great tune. It’s the vocals that reminded folks of Frank, specifically “Montana” or “I’m the Slime.” The music is not so Frankish. I really like the off – kilter beat and the lead guitar work.

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