GrathyMay I

Jazzy version of a poem which appeared in my book of poetry, Trespassing Stoplights and Attitudes from Mudborn Press. Backing tracks by my pal Andri on wikiloops.com


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5 Responses to “May I”

  1. Production tickles the ear with relaxed urban goodness. I like the playing on the tune. The vocal is difficult for me to understand. As an instrument the vocal works well, the young lady has a voice for the genre, perhaps riding the fader on the words a bit? Maybe serial compression? Or perhaps carving a place in the eq for her voice to sit in the mix would help? Perhaps a bit of all three would bring her to the front of the mix? Recalibrating my ears is probably not an option lol…


    • Daug, thanks for your feedback. I did this song on another website, and the fellow remixed the vocals with some echo. He couldn’t get them to completely line up to the instrumental track. I’m not good at mixing, but if you are, I can send you the track and you can play around with it. Just give me your email address…..

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