BrassgospelguyLunar Pull

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6 Responses to “Lunar Pull”

  1. Three cells and a fab vocal make this outing interesting. The cells don’t develop as much as they sound glued together, two by vocals, and then a short related outro wraps. NIce to hear someone with ideas put into things!
    Interest created by a sparse lyric drives the tune. Most of the percussion feels like after thought. The ideas there are solid, I think in part my nit is the samples used… Perhaps the rhythm section is not up to the quality of the rest of tune as it sticks out in my ear? Solid work-none the less!


  2. Really like the chord arrangement. Lyrics interesting too.

    Like KC I also enjoyed the change halfway. Almost like something from AOXOMOXOA era Grateful Dead!

    Guitar work at the end was frosting on the cake… only wish there was more of it.

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