Charlieloser's game

i knew a bloke like this at college. a bit older than the rest of us and endlessly bitter about an unhappy past.

i welcome criticsm i know i have a lot to learn.


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10 Responses to “loser’s game”

  1. Good to have you in the house! Ballad with jazz elements here, seems your forte Charlie? Interestingly, from this work I recall Mose Allison. Being compared stylistically with MA puts you on the jazz island, but it is a good place to be!
    I would suggest a boost to the upper mids on the mix. The mix here should sparkle, or sizzle, the lyric is strong and will ably support both at once. Tweezing the final might get there, but the place to fix this is with the eq on the initial recordings. A/B the original recordings, what smart guys call “the stems”, with commercial recordings that you dig. Your ears will guide you the rest of the way.


    • thank you for listening and commenting. You mentioned shades of Mose Allison an my last outing on this site. Clearly something in it, though I am very flattered by the comparison.
      I tried mightily to play jazz guitar for a few years quite a while ago, though I wouldn’t say I got very far, I think its left an imprint in the chords and changes that I reach for. I aspire to be write / perform jazz influenced rock/folk/blues/pop.
      I hear what you say about eq, I’m slowly learning

  2. I like criticism too. I see others here have pointed out a few things. I think your guitar playing is fine, but you have to clean up that finger dragging a bit. Sounds a bit like fingernails on a black board when it gets too bad-especially on a acoustic. You can do this by changing your playing technique, editing, or both.

    You can certainly write a nice interesting tune, though, and you certainly have talent.

    All the above aside, life is a rose garden and I think we all have the thorn scars to prove it. 🙂

  3. thank you also, as above.
    I noticed the finger squeaks very late in the mixing process, in the middle 8 they are absolutely intrusive and I should have re-recorded that part at least. you are absolutely right. I have never given them any thought before, in my past I have been a player mainly of nylon for smooth wound strings where it is much less of an issue.

    my main problem seems to be the ability to hear flaws in my mix until they are pointed out to me I clearly need a better process.

  4. Beautiful free form rhythmically, I feel like this is working to provide a wonderful ethereal quality. Instrumentation is nicely supporting and varied!!!!! Maybe bring out the electric piano sounds a bit and ramp up the guitar solo just a tad……..those are personal opinions though, I love the overall feel of this piece!

    Thanks for sharing!

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