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Charlie asked.  Here ya go.  


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7 Responses to “Leave a Mark”

    • Hello KC, this was fun to do and came all at once, I played the guitar line once through no retakes, that’s first take sparkle, the mistakes are there too but it’s a fair trade for me… The idea is to generate a continuous flow of ideas in a developing form without playing obvious lines and keep the clams down… Heady stuff for tenderfeet, but it is what I enjoy most in music…


  1. a great listen. love the subtlety and fluidity of the rhythm changes. I’ve just listened to it 3 times back to back and it sounds like a different tune each time

    I’m trying to play/write/compose more like you. if its happening, its happening very slowly.

  2. Charlie, I don’t think ya will be able to play/write/compose in my style. My head is already too phat but allow me to humbly suggest that you find out what is it that I do that you dig and you steal it for yourself.

    Steal the cool **** and put it into what you do and call it your stuff. This is all I do and have ever done. I steal from everyone, even from people you are not familiar with… and know some concepts and techniques you don’t because I have played a thousand gigs by the seat of my pants and learned to solve a certain set of problems in real time that most people can not resolve with all the time in the world.

    My ears work in a certain sense. That ear thing is not going to happen for you perhaps. But the great thing for you is that you can ask me and I will gladly tell you how I do things. Now you will forgive me if I keep somethings to myself. For example, yer not getting signal chains for “*****” tone. But I will explain how to get close, I also must demand that if you pass such news around-you will take care to whom you empower. Todd don’t need to know anything…

    The Muse will not tolerate Toddlikes being empowered, she is jealous and vindictive over her area of concern and will do harm to you and the Todd you empower without proper consideration, so take care with what you steal and to whom you might share it with… Just drop me a message for the down load on whatever it is that interests you…


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