SteveScottKung Fu Shoes
I've been listening to a lot of older hip hop lately, so I thought I'd have a go creating an original track. So here's my homage to the Beastie Boys...

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2 Responses to “Kung Fu Shoes”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Oh my goodness this is great!

    HAHAH! I’m digging this a LOT!

    The Beasties are so much fun and fresh….!

    If you have a chance would you please load the lyrics in the comments?

    Glad to see you, keep making music!

    Elaine 🙂

  2. Hi Elaine, thanks for your comments. It’s not clear to me where/how I edit a song once uploaded… Here are the lyrics (note: “hitting the White Lady” refers to a food truck here in Auckland, not a … white lady!)
    Kung Fu Shoes

    VERSE 1
    Walking down Queen St
    In my Kung Fu shoes
    Hitting th’ white lady
    Nineteen eighty two

    Bust the door of Chances
    Dutchie dance her thing
    Brandy n coking
    And the girls are smoking

    Fueled by Kuros
    Coronas & lime
    My one pocket tee
    Charming, charming to chime

    Shooting sly glances
    Those almost romances
    Clubbing the 80s
    S’what happens at Chances

    Crashing the dancefloor
    Kung Fu shoes on fire
    Seemed that Dutchie
    (Was) making international relations

    Dances up to me
    She looks me in the eyes
    And as she opens her mouth
    She says you wanna?/

    But wait, what?

    I’m 10 feet tall, I’m radiant
    I’m Jackie Chan in my Kung Fu shoes
    Karate Kid, Ralph Machio, I’m
    Jackie Chan in my Kung Fu shoes
    I’m David Karradine, Grasshopper, I’m
    Jackie Chan in my Kung Fu shoes
    I’m Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, I’m
    Jackie Chan in my Kung Fu shoes

    VERSE 2
    Bust outta the club
    Into the Galant GTO
    Cruising the mile
    Back up the road some mo’

    It’s Nifty MC
    Hitting the mic
    Crowing the bars
    I kinda like

    My hair’s more mullet
    Than a fish in water
    But the beats I krill it
    Listen, mm you oughtta

    Boys on the city
    It’s Fright Day night cruize
    Window down, stereo’s up
    Summer sounds it’s what we do’s

    Going for a cruise
    Now Sunday recreation
    Nowhere particular
    No vacation

    Using up gas
    And times all free
    Wasting the days
    Til nighteen eighty three


    VERSE 3
    Yo, Danger, danger,
    It’s not his flava
    This is my DJ
    Captain Sensible
    You know, the saviour

    Now time’s moved on
    We’re a modern fam’ly
    I drive my desk, to make my snaps
    Sold to me by Mr Dunphy

    I wear cotton
    And not that sheer
    My dad rock n roll
    I’m my own engineer

    Sounds so blazely, cheap
    Loud and crazly
    11s only 7
    And the ears go hazley

    Friends & family
    I do respect
    Then when I’m too big
    They keep me in check

    But I’m still a Spud boy
    I’ll see ya later
    I go by the name of Nifty, MC
    An affectation cos
    my mum misnamed me

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