This is a song that I did a while back... Since the lockdown I can't make music with my friends... We're trying to co-operate online but progress is slow.   This is a song about the worst possible man to do the job right now, a total moron


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5 Responses to “KING OF THE WORLD”

  1. As usual mistaken assumptions about American culture animate your tunes, this is unfortunate. Not much insight in the lyric. The music is wonderful!
    This broad swing feel is new to your style. Funny about swing.
    Do folks under 35 years old identify with swing? They can not feel triplet rhythms basically because the music industry does not allow them access. They get drum machine perfection- factory music, no swing! How many 35 year olds have never even heard a real drummer? Unless they go to live gigs?
    I would play call and response guitar on the tag on this session. Yer regular guy could do a Carltonesque spray job on this outro easy! Great to hear your stretching out musically!


  2. You nailed it Stylistically light and breezy but the underlying reality of the situation is dark, sad and frightening. Like the fitting image the Tangerine Nightmare embraced a while back, it’s Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

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