BrassgospelguyInto The Night

Something's not right

But it's worth the fight

Gotta sort it all out

And Drive

Headlights flash by

I'm still asking why

Into then night

I  Drive

I play it all back

But it's still just a fact

I'm hoping it's all just a lie

Changes, Changes in my life, Changes, Time to do or die

Suns on the rise

And I realize

What has to be done

So I'll drive


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15 Responses to “Into The Night”

  1. As usual there is a groove and worldly wise lyrics. That in itself sets your work apart! Great job on the production here, you got a great urban sound. Some suggestions? Half peddling the keyboard gives a different texture which would have smoothed out the backing. Maybe the reverb plan did not work too well?


  2. I like the tune. Nice and easy. Good lyrics. The only thing I can say critically is the vocals seem to be top center and slightly to the back. In my mind, if the vocals were brought more center and up close, it would add more intimacy. Nevertheless, its a really nice tune and equally works-as is.

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