TheFatherLandrethI AM A CARPENTER

Here's one from the bitter cxhapter. A great exit solo from Joey Landreth!


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3 Responses to “I AM A CARPENTER”

  1. The sound on this recording is great. The pacing is perfect. Great guitar tone on the whole works, I love the chordal information in the stabs. I got the notion there was a chance to admonish the beloved high loser-dom in the lyric, but that was a missed opportunity there, unless the thing was a very dry parody… There’s an upper east coast vibe on yer recordings which is really interesting. Thank you for sharing yer tunes, they have been a treat.


    • It’s more about seeing the big picture and not sweating the small stuff, although I am / was a carpenter who likes the work I do. I now am a guitar tech, which is still carpentry, but with added electronics and restoration skills. A sharper pencil and a warm shop with no ladders, roofs or basements. Or plumbing. As far as the upper east coast goes; I’ve never been, although I do love the music of NYC. I live in the geographic centre of Canada and one day I will travel to the big apple to see my kids play. They tour the midwest and east coast a lot. I’m glad you’re digging’ the music. I do like to play!

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