adminHigh Hopes - Pink Floyd cover

A cover completed many years ago. Posted now, for a friend in England to enjoy.


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9 Responses to “High Hopes – Pink Floyd cover”

  1. A straight cover? I assume you are claiming educational exception from creative property law? Or is it just because we are a backwater? Covering this material is not easy, Bravo!


  2. As mentioned in the comment, this was posted for a friend in England, thus, one could consider it, I suppose for educational purposes. However, it might be loosely so.

    • Your voice sounds more like Rodger. Almost a perfect match. I have a few PF covers. Would it be permissible to post them? Educational purposes-loosely speaking. 🙂

      Nice job! I learned a lot! 🙂

        • I have 2 attempts at High hopes, but I also have an epic attempt at shine on you crazy diamond, which runs every bit of 12 min. I crunched it into a MP3 and lost a lot of quality in the process. Nevertheless, it still has educational purposes. Specifically, how crunching your music into an MP3 never goes well. I also have Childhoods End, There’s no way out of here (David), Cluster one, Young ****, Coming Back to life, A great day for freedom. Pick one and I’ll post it.

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