grah3amGoose Monkey

A nonsense tune about having fun.


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3 Responses to “Goose Monkey”

  1. Man, great production, as per norm, ya got nothing to say. What world is not funny. Tell a story, I think I read long ago there were three or four, all public domain. Great to see your work here holding the bar high!


  2. My mother told me If I was good-ee I’d go to heaven in a little row-boat. But good-ee is just not my style, and now it looks like I’m up chits creek without a paddle and my first mate is a dead tobacco chewing monkey with a rope around his neck. Yes indeed, it looks like I’m going down with the ship, so if I don’t make it I leave all my world possessions to my dear aunty -Empty bottle of wine-Rubber dolly. Xmas goose. Lottery ticket (3-6-9).

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