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3 Responses to “Good For The Night”

  1. Now that girlie vocal is on the edge… The mass culture, girls between the ages of 12 and 24, might eat this up. There are some little inflection and twists in the vocal on this one which make the chantuce stand out from the rest a bit more.
    Might need more of a linear storyline? Forgive me but I associate this genre with the Stooges and by way of example I would suggest, Iggy Pop is a story teller with passion and angst on those records, but first and foremost one wants to understand why he feels the way he does and generally there is ample evidence provided.
    I hope this critique is helpful. It will be difficult to get this through A&R unless there is bigger nail to hang it on. The production is excellent by the way. The lady does a fine reading of the material. Bravo! Thank you both for sharing this song with us!


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