warrenksmithGone in 60 Seconds

Dawg posted a challenge to write a song about delusion in 60 seconds. He specifically mentioned mass consciousness; I went with consciousness in general, writing about an associate I never agreed with, but realized in the end when we are both dead all of the arguments won't matter. It bleeds slightly over the 60-second mark because the ambient sounds linger after the music is over : )


<iframe src="https://indiemusic.space/wp-content/plugins/dzs-zoomsounds/bridge.php?action=view&type=player&dzsvideo=2686&margs=W10=" style="width:100%; height:300px; overflow:hidden;" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

4 Responses to “Gone in 60 Seconds”

  1. And then there were three. True to your word. I like it. A concise musical statement.
    I think most of us “amateurs” tend to produce overly long songs, this is a good exercise. I hope the site stays up and more follow.

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