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rschlettyGod's Gift to All the World

God’s Gift to All the World

(based on the messages to St. Faustina from Jesus)



I saw blood and water flowing

from the heart of Christ, our Lord.

Divine mercy: His love bestowing,

God’s gift to all the world.


1. He draws the humble to Himself,

illumines us with truth and grace.

The wellspring of eternal health:

The Father, Son and Spirit we embrace.


2. He gives Himself to those who gaze

upon His wounds made glorious.

Red blood, white water, brilliant rays:

See His love poured out for all of us.


3. For us he died, for us he rose!

From out of darkness comes new light!

Look to Jesus Christ, you weary souls.

Let your lives be joyful and bright!

© 2007, Dan Vi Nguyen and Richard Schletty


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