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14 Responses to “GlamGirl”

  1. I’m not sure what I did wrong this time since I’ve uploaded before, but I didn’t see any “song info” thingy. So I’ll put it here.
    Just me on everything except Art Tanaka on lead guitar.

  2. Adventure is his business folks, stand back and give him room to wack. There is a lot of reverb on this tune, the room doesn’t make sense to my ears, my problem no doubt. Keep them coming…


  3. Actually there’s hardly any reverb (can’t stand it) except baked into Arthur’s guitar. There is some short delays though. Perhaps I could have chosen a better room (“small room”) convolution.

  4. I guess what meant is there’s a lot of *delay* on my *Voice*, which was on purpose for the effect. So it suppose it’s really that more than Arthur’s guitar. Guess it didn’t work well. I’m not too fond of reverb or long delays on instruments (unless, again, it’s for a purposeful effect, which is rare). Might have to do a remix with the voice delay toned down some.

    • Delay and reverb mean the same thing (in this case), but delay and reverb are not the same things. Lol. The problem is the “room” is bizarre, the space in the real world, or setting, for the piece can not exist. My ears detect this from the “reverb” on the track I hope that helps… Making music in rooms that don’t exist is not hard, but getting my ears to listen to that music is difficult…


  5. You scared me with that opening sentence…until the “but.” Credibility would have faded. I can understand the “bad room.” Just another thing to make better (in this case). I do pretty good otherwise, but not so well on this song. Thanks for making me aware.

  6. Thanks guys. Because of the honesty, I made (but won’t bother to repost) a new mix from scratch and like it MUCH better because of the suggestions. Extra ears help a lot!

    And Art, it was even fun mixing you in. Gave the damn thing some excitement. Til next time…

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