Daugrin2Get Woke!

True story folks, I met the eight year old Johnny in a small town in Florida while I was walking around taking a break durind a long drive.  The picture is from my cell phone.


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17 Responses to “Get Woke!”

  1. Strange Charlie? Naw… unique and edgy maybe, but strange, how could you suggest such a thing lol. Thanks for following me, if you think it’s strange, it must be, I will try to improve.


  2. Naw, really? Strange and crazy? Or right on? A surgical dissection of the “Woke” phenom. The NY Times bestseller “The New Class War” (I think that’s the title) is a nice supporting document if this piece seems a bit obtuse. I don’t make this stuff up ya know, at least, when I make them, I know what they are… no telling what it is now, lol.

  3. Sorry for taking so long Daug. Only online one morning a week now.

    WOWZER!!! This one has my Spidey sense tingling! Love what you’ve done here my friend!

    “Woke”—the latest in a long line of bad jokes to come down the PC pike.

    Thanks for this!

  4. I missed these excursions into alternate realities when MJ folded.

    Time to get back on the horse.

    So well put together Mr D. Loved the breakdown.

    I thought Dr John first of all but off it went, somewhere else.

    Nice one.



    • Hello Mr. D great to see you on this site. How about posting some material? Our British friends appear under represented on Indie. I mean, Rich has built a world wide entertainment network your guys can use to get their tunes heard.


      • Thanks. It’s taken a while being out of the loop.

        Getting back into some music again.

        Struggling with black dogs and creativity over the past few months (co-incidentally about the same time MJ crashed) and we’ve done one song in that time. The ideas are beginning to drift back. Expect a song post in the next few days.

        I’ve not had a lot of interaction with the other Brits so I don’t know if they’re still making music.

        I spoke to Mark (Hickling-Stan) recently and told him about this place but I don’t know if he’s posted anything. I’ll have to check.

        Watch this space.

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